Food blogging

This morning I was going through my old blog. While I was reading through those old blog posts, it kind of took me back to my memory lane. I used to be so passionate about blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I still love food very much and still own this website. I guess I just want to make sure that I enjoy the whole process of blogging. I will do my best to relive the passion. :)

Linked website: Mel’s Food Journey¬†

Top Paddock Cafe

Back in Melbourne for almost two months now. I’ve visited quite a few cafes in this short period of time. The amount of good cafes and good coffees around Melbourne has increased tremendously. The feeling of getting a hot cup of coffee on a wintery morning is awesome! Anyways one of my top picks so far is Top Paddock at Richmond. Cosy environment, great food and superb coffee. They tend to get really busy since early in the morning, so do pop by earlier.


Top Paddock Soft Shell Crab Burger

Hello world!

First post after a long time! Renovated the whole blog and starting fresh. Yes I used to blog here but I kind of went sidetracked and I’m now reliving the passion of blogging. I was in Sydney for the past few years working as an accountant and have recently resigned and moved back to Melbourne for a big project ahead. I shall share more details with you when I have things up and running. Speak soon. xx