Bangkok, Thailand

Following with the previous post of my Thailand trip, the last part was Bangkok! I was only there for one night and thanks to my dearest friend Amy and Daniel, we had heaps of food! I had a brief research before I went and I was greedily hoping that I could try as much as I could. And my darling friends tried their best to accommodate me. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to visit again to try out more, not to mention with the shopping too! It was awesome time catching up with friends and exploring around the place together. Some of the highlights and favourites were Greyhound cafe, Vertigo, Or Tor Kor market and Chatuchak market.


Greyhound cafe – Watermelon juice


Greyhound cafe – Pasta


Greyhound cafe – Pad Thai


Greyhound cafe – Stew beef vermicelli

Greyhound cafe – Northern Thai cuisine


Greyhound cafe – Seafood soup with vermicelli


Bangkok view early in the morning


Or Tor Kor market


Or Tor Kor market


Or Tor Kor market


Or Tor Kor market – Roast chicken rice


Or Tor Kor market – Crunchy egg omelette with mussels


or Tor Kor market


Chatuchak market – Mango sticky rice with coconut ice cream



Chatuchak market – Shaved ice grass jelly dessert


Chatuchak market – Coconut ice cream with sticky rice, sweet corn and nata de coco


Nuer Koo beef noodles shop


Nuer Koo beef noodles soup


Food stall


Fantastic shopping mall – Terminal 21


Asiatique – shopping spot


Mr Jones Orphanage Cafe


Must try – Som Tam Nua (Siam Square)


Som Tam Nua – Fried chicken wings


Som Tam Nua – Vermicelli Salad


Som Tam Nua – Papaya salad with salted duck egg


After You dessert cafe – Shibuya Honey Toast


After You – Hot chocolate with chocolate chip cookie


Night view from Vertigo, Banyan Tree Bangkok


Vertigo – Entree platter


Vertigo – Tiramisu cake


Airplane meal with Thai Airways – Chicken curry with rice

With all the photos shown above, I had heaps of food in Bangkok! Truly enjoyed myself and also fully indulged in Thai cuisine. Best of all, I got to enjoy it with my awesome friends. Can’t wait to visit again! Shopping in Bangkok is absolutely fantastic! Excuse me with all the exclamation marks! 😛 Have a great day. x

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Krabi & Phuket, Thailand

Earlier this year I went for a girls trip during February to Thailand. So we went to Krabi for four nights, one night in Phuket and one night in Bangkok. It was such a short trip and I couldn’t get enough of Thailand. I definitely want to go back and visit Bangkok. The sunset view by the beach in Krabi was really breathtaking, there are plenty of resorts to choose from. I really enjoyed myself with our stay at Aonang Nagapura Resort & Spa. Room was fantastic and not to mention their awesome facilities as well. I’ll share some photos of the places that we went during the trip and of course some awesome food we had. Be sure to join the island tour when you’re in Krabi or Phuket. You’ll see some awesome view like these. Tropical fruits! Fruits like papaya, coconut and jambu! We had it everyday and it was really cheap as well. We had a lot of street food along the way, I think that’s the best way to enjoy the local cuisine and they are cheap too. Sunshine, beach, good food and good company – awesome holiday!


Maya Beach, Phi Phi Island


Phi Phi Island


Patong beach, Phuket


Freshly cut papaya


Fresh coconut


Street food market stalls at Patong beach town, Phuket


Charcoal grilled prawns


Pork ribs


Grilled enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon


Seafood tom yum fried rice


Stir fried vermicelli with seafood


Aonang Nagapura Resort


Aonanag Nagapura Resort balcony view


Aonang Nagapura Resort


Street food highlight – Fried chicken skin, marinated chicken drumstick and yellow rice


Pad Thai


Stir fried morning glory


Steamed fish


Sunset view at Aonang beach


Sunset view at Aonang beach

With the wintery weather here in Melbourne, I am dreaming of another trip to the tropical islands! 😛 And also I’m salivating by just looking at the photos of the food we had. I shall share more another time. Have a good day! x

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Happy birthday!

Yay! Happy birthday to me! My way of celebrating my special day is of course with desserts! My lovely friend made a cake for me, it was really a surprise! Thanks so much! It’s sponge cake with salted caramel mousse, cocoa nibs, chocolate and raspberry powder and dried strawberries. It was delicious!

Birthday cake

Homemade birthday cake

Mille feuille – Millstone Patisserie

I also went to Millstone for a brunch session with my sis and mum yesterday and got myself more dessert! Last night I also went to Om Nom for a dessert degustation. It was absolutely wonderful experience. I shall write more about that next time. What an awesome weekend! Stay warm! x

Hardware Societe, Melbourne

When I just got back to Melbourne, I knew that I had to try out Hardware Societe. I’ve heard a lot about the cafe and how they always have a queue! I was keen to check it out brought my sis along with me. The cafe itself is nice and cosy and their menu is French themed.

Hardware Societe Baked Eggs

I tried the baked eggs with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Baked eggs was so flavoursome and packed with ingredients like chorizo, potatoes, eggs, nuts and lots of fragrant sauce to dig in with the toast. I absolutely enjoyed my breakfast! Generous portion and simply delicious.

Hardware Societe Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Hardware Societe Twice Cooked Pork Belly

My sis had the twice cooked pork belly with braised cabbage, bacon lardons, cauliflower puree and cider jus. The pork belly was perfectly cooked with the crispy crackling on top, and the jus was divine. It’s amazing that they are able to produce such great dishes from a small kitchen in the cafe. Hands down to the chef! If you’re a hot chocolate drinker, be sure to try their hot chocolate. It’s smooth, rich and awesome flavour! Hardware Societe is a cafe that I would recommend to friends.


Have a great weekend! x

Food blogging

This morning I was going through my old blog. While I was reading through those old blog posts, it kind of took me back to my memory lane. I used to be so passionate about blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I still love food very much and still own this website. I guess I just want to make sure that I enjoy the whole process of blogging. I will do my best to relive the passion. 🙂

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Top Paddock Cafe

Back in Melbourne for almost two months now. I’ve visited quite a few cafes in this short period of time. The amount of good cafes and good coffees around Melbourne has increased tremendously. The feeling of getting a hot cup of coffee on a wintery morning is awesome! Anyways one of my top picks so far is Top Paddock at Richmond. Cosy environment, great food and superb coffee. They tend to get really busy since early in the morning, so do pop by earlier.


Top Paddock Soft Shell Crab Burger

Hello world!

First post after a long time! Renovated the whole blog and starting fresh. Yes I used to blog here but I kind of went sidetracked and I’m now reliving the passion of blogging. I was in Sydney for the past few years working as an accountant and have recently resigned and moved back to Melbourne for a big project ahead. I shall share more details with you when I have things up and running. Speak soon. xx